The South Central Texas region of Texas has a very rich rodeo history that has not been recorded anywhere (that we know of).  So early in 2014, Dennis and Jan Luton took it upon themselves to begin the task of gathering photos, stories, testimonies, and verifiable facts about the history of rodeos in their particular area of the Lone Star State.  They have been sorting and scannning thousands of photos that have been donated for this cause, and now they have over 6800 members in their Facebook group.  In compiling the pictorial history of SC TX Rodeo, they also see the need to recognize and honor those who have contributed to the sport of rodeo in this area of Texas since the 1940's.  Dennis and Jan have founded the SC TX Rodeo Ring of Honor---that truly depicts the accomplishments of "our own"---without all the financial fanfare that is usually associated with this type of endeavor.   
SC Texas Rodeo History Depicted
A Collection of Photos and Rodeo History from the South Central Area of Texas..
While honoring those who have contributed to the sport of rodeo in our region of Texas
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